Connecting, Empowering and Highlighting Women in Technology!

The “4th Women In Digital Forum”, the conference made “institution” for Women in Tech, STEM and Digital is coming on March 7, 2024 in the form of a different and inspiring event, combining dialogue about the present and the future, with a glittering celebration of what has been achieved to date.

In a world driven by Technology, the “4th Women In Digital Forum”, will seek to amplify voices, reduce differences and shape the appropriate dialogue framework for the rightful place of women in business, public sphere, and society.

Riper, stronger and richer, the 4th Women In Digital Forum will highlight every point of view and proposal to break down barriers, in a quest for an inclusive community, where every woman can thrive and make a meaningful impact. Through critical discussions, engaging panels, workshops and networking opportunities, Smart Press aims to create a supportive ecosystem that propels women forward in their digital careers.

Join us as we explore the limitless possibilities in the digital world and showcase the diverse talents and perspectives women bring to the table.

Topics to be discussed:

Why should I watch it:

Conference goals:

  • The goal of the “Women In Digital Forum” is to promote the empowerment, connection and development of women in the digital world.

  • This conference explores the opportunities and challenges faced by women in the digital sector, promotes education and familiarization with technological innovations, and strengthens the role of women as protagonists in the digital transition.

  • In addition, it promotes dialogue, exchange of ideas and networking among women interested in succeeding in the digital field.

  • Overall, the aim is to strengthen the presence and participation of women in the digital world, creating a space where their performance and contribution is recognized and valued.

Who should attend:

The Women in Digital Forum is for:

  • Digital industry professionals
  • Women working in technology, digital marketing, data science, software development and related fields.
  • Leaders and executives driving innovation and transformation in digital organizations.
  • Female founders and leaders of digital start-ups.
  • Female students of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).
  • Academics and researchers contributing to the advancement of women in digital education.
  • Women with a passion for technology and digital trends.
  • People who wish to explore career opportunities and developments in the digital sector.

The conference is organized by Smart Press